73LABZ is a kind of laboratory founded in 2017 by Julien Soone. Our concept is to propose items either for artists themselves, by providing new medias and playgrounds for their arts, either for graffiti, street art, design, decorative arts and urban arts with collections of creations ready to be placed in a house, a shop, a bar, a hotel or any other location. We experiment processes, the materials, the techniques and the ideas to give shape to a vision of art specific to 73LABZ.

73LABZ only provides original items that cannot be found anywhere else, often in limited edition and always made with passion and an eye for the detail. This is only the beginning of our story and many more creations/product lines will be added in the coming months. Follow us on our networks to share a different vision of art with us.
“Art and creation are not only words or some kind of marketing slogan for us. Our lives are branded by creation in every sense since our earliest childhood. Our history, our experiences and our vision are definitely pointed towards art. It is not so much the aim that matters to us, but more the path taken punctuated by meetings, beauties, hardships and experiences that have forged and will keep on forging our vision of life.”


spraycan collection

- The SprayCan is available in 3 different sizes
200 cm, 130 cm and 80 cm (78, 50 and 30 feet)

- 3 different caps are available
fatcap,yellow and skinny.

- We can create any colors on demand, white, gold, black, bi-color, metallic, shiny, matte... whatever your request is, we can do it.

- We have also a collection of 9 designs (limited edition to 25 items by design) “ready to buy” designed by Soone.

- Finally we can offer you unique single work customized by hand directly on the Spraycan by different elite graffiti artists.
Digital artists, some of the best around the world, can also creates art especially for you that are printed on premium adhesive vinyl and inks (both UV resistant).
spraycan collection by 73labz
responsible care logo
All of our spraycan consist of unsaturated polyester made from sustainable resources like soy oil and ethanol primarily derived from corn. Other sustainable resources may be used to meet specific needs.

Because they are made in Europe, the “Spraycans” has a clearly defined and identifiable origine and a production based on sustainable materials. They are produced by several trades and exceptional know-how from the old continent. A token of quality, reliability and reactivity.
The production, the quality control and the distribution of the items meet one or more programs or standards among: Responsible Care, ISO 9001, ISO 1401 and OHSAS 18001.

The Spraycan are made to last and to glow for many years.
For indoors and outdoors use. A unique finish, an uncompromising and extremely powerfull graphic impact. Our Spraycans are definitely a must-have.






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